Mitchell Trubisky is Ready to Make a STATEMENT This Fall.

Image Credits: ©Patrick Gorski // Featured on Tuscon Star

Being a franchise quarterback for a big-market team isn’t easy. Not to say it’s a lot different than playing for a less relevant team — but it’s a lot different. A certain demeanor is expected out of you on and off the field, and if you don’t live up to those expectations you will be under intense scrutiny by the fans and media — intense scrutiny that may cause some, especially young players, to fold.

Luckily for the Chicago Bears, they have a young stud undercenter for the foreseeable future. That young stud is Mitchell Trubisky, a quarterback who has all the traits necessary to succeed in a city like Chicago. Mitch has been no stranger to criticism; since day one when the Bears traded up to receive the number two pick, Trubisky has had a loud opposition. He’s also had a lot of supporters within the city who want to see him turn into the star quarterback that Chicago has yearned after for so long, and he’s turning into that before our own eyes. He’s got swagger, he loves his city, and he’s ready to take the Chicago Bears to the promise-land in 2019-2020.

Look no further than Jared Goff, who flourished in Mcvay’s offense in year two. Not only did the Rams win more games in their second year under Sean Mcvay, but Goff saw his total yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, quarterback rating, and QBR all go up in year two of Mcvay’s offensive scheme. Trubisky will be entering year two in Matt Nagy’s offense — a very in-depth and complicated offensive scheme — and if year one was any indication, this upcoming season is set to be an exciting one. While this will technically be Trubisky’s third year in the league, it is hard to count his rookie year, as he played under a pretty much incompetent John Fox who, at times, seemed as if he was trying to end Trubisky’s career before it could even get started.

Throughout the 2018-2019 NFL season, Mitch often showed the ability to make week to week adjustments — a trait like this is essential to have if you’re going to continually better yourself. It shows a certain level of trust in the coaching staff, and not only that, it shows a certain level of confidence that he has in himself to make these adjustments. It also showed up on the stat sheet, as his season got better and better as the weeks went by. Look no further than NFL Total QBR — a statistic which incorporates all of a quarterback’s contributions to winning, including how he impacts the game on passes, rushes, turnovers and penalties — to see the kind of season Trubisky had last year. Believe it or not, Mitchell Trubisky had the third highest Total QBR in the league behind only Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees. In only his second season, he is already comparing to some of the great quarterbacks in the game. If we want to take this a step further as well, Trubisky’s Total QBR in his second season was higher than the QBR that Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck all produced in their second seasons (all three of those guys have turned out to be pretty decent, by the way).

Also, if we take a look back through the history books, we will find that Trubisky had the best year by a Chicago Bears quarterback in god-only-knows how long. Trubisky had the highest total QBR in a season of any Bears quarterback since the statistic started being record in 2006. He had the highest passer rating (at 95.4) for a Bear since Jim McMahon in 1984, and McMahon only played in nine games that season. And above all else, Trubisky threw only 12 interceptions on the year, a feat that Jay Cutler only bested once when he threw 11 in 2015 — and the Bears only won six games that year anyways. Trusbisky’s sophomore season was better than any of the garbage that Cutler slung in his eight years as the Chicago Bears quarterback, and for that alone, we can thank Mitch immensely.

If you can’t tell, I’m pumped up for what’s in store for Trubisky’s 2019-2020 season. Understandably so, my excitement grew to another level the other day when I read that Taylor Gabriel — coming into his second season in Chicago — was already hyping the offense and Trubisky’s overall confidence, stating, “there has been a drastic change from last year.” Just the fact that the run game will be far improved for the Bears this season is a reason alone to be excited about the upcoming season for Trubisky.

Love him or hate him, Mitch loves his city, and he’s willing to go to war every Sunday throughout the football season to prove it. He’s already stated he wants to stay in Chicago, his level of commitment to his craft is eye-opening, and he’s ready to take the league by storm this fall. Sorry Packer fans, the Bears have the new sheriff in town. It is no longer Aaron Rodgers NFC North; it’s Mitchell David Trubisky’s, and pretty soon, the whole league will realize that as well.

2 thoughts on “Mitchell Trubisky is Ready to Make a STATEMENT This Fall.

    1. Bob, while I was always one to defend Cutler when he was a Bear, it’s hard to defend him now that I’ve grown up and actually looked at the stats he produced year in and year out. In saying that, still love the guy.


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